We are a Brit and an American living in London, missing the best pizza in the world – New York City pizza. Having tried a slice on almost every street corner in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we wanted to bring the best to our corner of the capital.

And so we set up Pizza Street. Try our regular or x-large pie or a single slice; this is London’s first true fast-food New York pizza joint.

You want New York pizza? You got it!
In 2015 we went on a pizza-tasting mission. We tried 50 different pizzas in New York City before returning home to perfect our crust and our own special toppings.

New York pizza is famed for its thin crispy crust, oodles of cheese and tasty toppings, so to make sure our pizza is light and crunchy we allow our special dough to rest for a minimum of 24 hours.

​ “Great-value, authentic pizza”

We also use the best-rated flour imported directly from Italy for a crispy-crunchy base and we filter our own water especially for the dough. Our tomato sauce is homemade and we use only the finest quality ingredients for our toppings, always as local as possible, with everything made fresh daily on site.

Try our new classic pizzas such as The Chilli Beef, The Beast, The Aloha and The Buffalo.

Our meat is from legendary John Hillman Butchers and our cheeses are created for us by the very inventive Carnevale.

​ “A taste of New York pizza, straight from Manhattan”

For pudding try our Nutella pizza with cinnamon sugar or choose from our selection of Jude’s Ice Creams from Jude’s family-run farm in Hampshire.

The best New York pizza in London

​ “The pizzas are epic”

Our bespoke boxes have been specially designed just for us – by us – to keep our pizza fresh for longer. Our single slice box is a patented design just for Pizza Street. Nowhere else in the world will you have a tailor-made box designed just for a slice of pizza – not even in our beloved NYC. AND all of our pizza boxes are 100% recyclable, with no flip top lids banging you on the nose! ​

“This is the best pizza spot I've been to”

Our Green Mission
At Pizza Street we are proud to recycle 100% of our waste. Nothing goes to landfill! Being planet-friendly is very close to our hearts and we aim to be as carbon-neutral as possible. Even our restaurant itself uses over 70% recycled materials in its design and every bulb is an LED. We also filter our own Home Water in order to save on the world’s fresh water supplies. We’re doing our little bit to save on selling plastic bottles that only end up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Please drink responsibly. If you have to choose, choose a glass bottle over a plastic one.